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A portion of all tournament entries are donated to the cause


Star Prime Gaming is partnering with tournament platforms to bring you the best GLOBAL ONLINE tournament featuring such games as League of Legends©, Counterstrike©, Call of Duty Black Ops 3©.
Star Prime Gaming is helping you take your gaming to the next level.

Our first three Tournaments will be FREE to Enter.
Tournament 1: Payout based on number of entries! May 30 thru June 6
Tournament 2: Payout based on number of entries! To Be Announce
Tournament 3: Payout based on number of entries! To Be Announce

Entering these will grandfather you and your friends into the cadet program!!

Tournament Schedule

Sing up now and get in on the Cash and Prizes

March Tournament to be announce will be

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Our first tournament is 100% Free to Members

Total Cash Payout is base on number of entries! !

more entries equal greater payout!!

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Anyone who joins the no cost tournament will be counted as a Cadet and can start earning rewards. So grab your friends and get in on the free training and the limited time free tournament entry. Go from a avid player to pro gamer with us!

Upcoming Tournament

Get in on the tournament action and earn your share of cash and prizes Enroll Free Now and turn your love of gaming into a career as a professional gamer!

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  • 1st Place $2,500 to "WinOutNET"
  • 2nd Place $1,000 to "Team Kaliber"
  • 3rd Place $500 to "Off Constantly"
Congrats See you at the next Tournament

On May 30th


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