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A portion of all tournament entries are donated to the cause

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Two-Tier System?

A two tier system is that you only earn credit for the people you bring into your army and the people in your army bring in their army

Why are we paying two people?

We feel this is the fairest way of paying our Conqueror. It give credit where creditis due by paying the people who help bring in the Conquerors

How do I earn money?

You earn 20 dollars per Conqueror in you army then you earn additional 20 dollars for each Conqueror your army brings in

How and when do I get paid?

Star prime gaming pays out weekly on friday. New Conqueror are withheld two week before payout. Payment are made to your PalPay™ account

When will I get paid ater winning a Tournament?

Tournament will 5-7 days after tournament is over

What platform are the tournament played on?

Currently all tournament are PC only

When do I get my membership bonuses

Once you reach you new rank your Rank bonus will be sent to you. Please allow 2 -6 week for delivery

How do I rank up?

More Conqueror that join your army check out the Membership Perks

Can I do advertising?

Yes but all advertising must be approved by Star Prime Gaming before release

Does starprime any support for me to adverstise?

No any and all cost falls on the person(s) doing the advertising, but all advertising must be approved by Star Prime Gaming before release.

Will starprime get media attention?

Yes we currently working with radio stations and other media outlets to help get the word out for this awesome elite gaming club

Is there a team reward for team based games?

Team tournament games the prizes will be split among the team members for each prize tier

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